CBSE 6th Standard Maths – Latest Revised Syllabus 2020 – 2021 with Deleted Portion – PDF Download


CBSE 6th Standard Maths – Latest Revised Syllabus 2020 – 2021 with Deleted Portion – PDF Download

PDF  Format Download Here

CBSE 6th Standard Maths – Latest Revised Syllabus 2020 – 2021 with Deleted Portion – PDF Download

CBSE Class 6 Maths Syllabus – 2020-2021 (Page 1)

Chapter 1:Knowing Our Numbers1.1 Introduction1.2 Comparing Numbers1.3 Large Numbers in Practice1.4 Using Brackets1.5 Roman Numerals
Chapter 2:Whole Numbers2.1 Introduction2.2 Whole Numbers2.3 The Number Line2.4 Properties Of Whole Numbers2.5 Patterns in Whole Numbers
Chapter 3:Playing With Numbers3.1 Introduction3.2 Factors and Multiples3.3 Prime and Composite Numbers3.4 Test For Divisibility Of Numbers3.5 Common Factors and Common Multiples3.6 Some More Divisibility Rules3.7 Prime Factorisation3.8 Highest Common Factor3.9 Lowest Common Multiple3.10 Some Problems on HCF and LCM

CBSE Class 6 Maths Syllabus – 2020-2021 (Page 2)

Chapter 4:Basic Geometrical Ideas4.1 Introduction4.2 Points4.3 A Line Segment4.4 A line4.5 Intersecting Lines4.6 Parallel Lines4.7 Ray4.8 Curves4.9 Polygons4.10 Angles4.11 Triangles4.12 Quadrilaterals4.13 Circles
Chapter 5:Understanding Elementary Shapes5.1 Introduction5.2 Measuring Line Segments5.3 Angles-’Right’ and ‘Straight’5.4 Angles- ‘Acute’, ‘Obtuse’ and ‘Reflex’5.5 Measuring Angles5.6 Perpendicular Lines5.7 Classification of Triangles5.8 Quadrilaterals5.9 Polygons5.10 Three Dimensional Shapes
Chapter 6:Integers6.1 Introduction6.2 Integers6.3 Addition of Integers6.4 Subtraction of Integers with the help of a NumberLine

CBSE Class 6 Maths Syllabus – 2020-2021 (Page 3)

Chapter 7:Fractions7.1 Introduction7.2 A Fraction7.3 Fraction on the Number Line7.4 Proper Fractions7.5 Improper and Mixed Fractions7.6 Equivalent Fractions7.7 Simplest Form of a Fraction7.8 Like Fractions7.9 Comparing Fractions7.10 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
Chapter 8:Decimals8.1 Introduction8.2 Tenths8.3 Hundredths8.4 Comparing Decimals8.5 Using Decimals8.6 Addition of Numbers with Decimals8.7 Subtraction of Decimals
Chapter 9:Data Handling9.1 Introduction9.2 Recording Data9.3 Organisation of Data9.4 Pictograph9.5 Interpretation of a Pictograph9.6 Drawing a Pictograph9.7 A Bar Graph
Chapter 10:Mensuration10.1 Introduction10.2 Perimeter10.3 Area

CBSE Class 6 Maths Syllabus – 2020-2021 (Page 4)

Chapter 11:Algebra11.1 Introduction11.2 Matchstick Patterns11.3 The Idea Of A Variable11.4 More Matchstick Patterns11.5 More Examples of Variables11.6 Use Of Variables in Common Rules11.7 Expressions with Variables11.8 Using Expressions Practically11.9 What is an Equation?11.10 Solution of an Equation
Chapter 12:Ratio and Proportion12.1 Introduction12.2 Ratio12.3 Proportion12.4 Unitary Method
Chapter 13:Symmetry13.1 Introduction13.2 Making Symmetric Figures: Ink-blot Devils13.3 Figures With Two Lines of Symmetry13.4 Figures with Multiple Lines of Symmetry13.5 Reflection and Symmetry
Chapter 14:Practical Geometry14.1 Introduction14.2 The Circle14.3 A Line Segment14.4 Perpendiculars14.5 Angles


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